Hi, I'm Laura...

I am a professionally qualified Life Coach & Executive Coach. I can help you to feel more confident, calm and empowered.  

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Join the 28 day challenge to calm and confidence. 28 days of meditation and self-coaching. 

See how much you can change your mindset for free in just 28 days. 

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Offering private yoga sessions, group classes, beginners courses, yoga for anxiety / stress workshops, breathing techniques for calm, and tailor made programs. 

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Executive coaching will help you thrive in your career. Communicate with authentic authority, learn how to love what you do, manage others with passion and energy. Feel like you not only belong at the top, but you thrive there. 

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Life coaching will help you feel more confident, calm and secure. You will learn how your inner critic has been sabotaging you by keeping you small, and how to overcome this inner dialogue in order to create a more vibrant, authentic and fulfilling life and career. 

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Contact Me |  Tel: 087 7527084

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