Hi! I'm Laura.


I'm the founder of Laura Linehan Coaching.

Originally born and raised in Africa, I've been in Ireland for the last 17 years. Growing up, I was always sure of two things - I was happiest when I was helping people, and I thrived when I had a goal in mind. 

Over the years I have set and achieved many personal and professional goals- getting a Masters, working in the charity sector and in Google HQ, traveling solo in Southeast Asia, owning my own home, taking care of my family, qualifying as a yoga teacher, getting my Diploma in Life and Executive Coaching and setting up my own business. I believe in courageously going after what I want in life and I love supporting others to do the same. 

I set up this business because I know we all have within us a natural setting in which we feel truly confident in who we are and what we want - this is our natural balance. In our busy lives we can lose this balance by living according to other people's expectations or our own safe, comfortable routine - we lose sight of what we want and how to achieve it. We worry about what others think, we get caught up in achieving without stopping to think about what real success means to us. We end up pleasing everyone else and feel a sense of lack without being able to put our finger on exactly what's missing. 

That's where I step in. I work to enable self-growth and self-confidence by guiding you back to your own inner natural balance - a place where you are more empowered, confident and capable of creating a life you love. Every single client is unique so we will work together to create personalised action plans using tools, resources and powerful coaching techniques that work for you.

I offer Life Coaching and Executive Coaching. Some clients want a blend of both. The experience will be tailored to who you are, how you think and what you want. 

If you're a little unsure - that's normal. Change feels uncomfortable, and it can take a few initial steps to gain momentum. You will also likely feel nervous talking to someone you've never met. Everything that is said in coaching is in confidence within the ethical guidelines of the profession. I take that seriously, and run my business with integrity. Take the first step and set up a free consultation - we'll take it from there.