Why I'm Doing a Postgrad in Psychology

In this article, I talk about developments in my own career. (I’m a little bit excited!)

Time in lockdown offered me a new perspective. Once I had the chance to step back from a busy pace and review all the clients I have coached, I was able to see common threads. Some wanted to gain more confidence in how they communicate, most wanted to develop an authentic leadership style in their career and all of them wanted clarity on their life and career direction. These are the areas I’m strongest in coaching others, and the areas I most enjoy exploring. So it was no surprise to see these threads, but at the same time it offered me a lot of clarity on the focus of my coaching. It enabled me to drill down into specialist areas, and with the help of an amazing creative agency - to rebrand, and build a new website (coming soon..!) All of these changes have been incredibly exciting. Taking time out of a busy pace helped me to see it all a lot more clearly.

My time in lockdown also gave me the opportunity to reflect on the direction of my career long term. I applied about a year ago to study Psychology as a way to deepen my coaching skills and my coaching relationships. The time in lockdown cemented that decision for me. I want to know and understand in a scientific way exactly how the mind works, and to be aware of subtle signs in another person, to better understand who they are, how they think, and what is currently standing in their way. I truly love being in that space with other people. And I feel privileged to be a part of each client’s development. Every single time, I feel honoured to be there with them. So I know I want to continue that. I also know I want to be able to go deeper, learn more, and grow my skills in this area.

In September, I’ll begin a two year Psychology conversion course in Trinity College Dublin. The course allows me to achieve a postgraduate degree, equivalent to a BA in Psychology. It grants me membership to the Psychological Society of Ireland and opens up the possibility of continuing to Masters or doctorate level in psychology. More importantly, it will add depth, understanding and the most up to date scientific research on how the human mind works.

Like all changes, there are aspects of this that bring up giddy anticipation. I’ve spent many years contemplating when the right time would be to go back to study psychology. Now I know there is no perfect time for any decision - once you make the decision, it becomes the perfect time. Once I gain clarity on any decision in life - I pursue it with everything I have. Before I fully make the decision, I could be going back and forth for years with the question resurfacing a thousand times, always lingering but never fully addressed.

Now that I have taken the plunge, I feel relieved. I'm finally doing this! Yes, it's also a little intimidating, and I'm not sure where this road will take me, but it's the right road for me. I’m sure it will be busy building a business, studying and managing family duties. If I choose to continue on to a Masters or doctorate, it will be a long journey. But it will be worth it.

The last few years have taught me, in a deep way, that there are no guarantees in life. There is only the knowledge, experience and resources I have put into getting here...and of course, the heart fluttering excitement that I feel when I realise I’m going to do this!

I feel immense gratitude that I have found a career I really love, and I feel so grateful to be able to pursue it. That's not to say any of it is easy - it has already taken so much work to get here. But I know in my head, heart and gut that this is the right direction for me and that I am fortunate enough to be able to go for it.

So here’s to the next chapter - coaching, studying, family. I'm so excited!

Wishing you well this week.

With warmth,


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