What We Offer

Natural Balance offers professional Life and Executive Coaching, Yoga and Mindfulness services. Click below for more information or get in touch to schedule a free phone consultation to talk through your questions and goals.

Life and Executive Coaching
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Coaching is an effective strategy for reaching goals and overcoming obstacles. 

Natural Balance offers a professional and reliable coaching service. Life coaching will focus primarily on goals related to your life, career, relationships and wellbeing. Executive coaching will focus primarily on your work performance and career fulfilment goals. 

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Yoga is increasingly popular, and for good reason - with many people enjoying the physical and mental health benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

Offering private yoga sessions, group classes, beginners courses, yoga for anxiety / stress workshops, breathing techniques for calm, and tailor made programs. 

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Mindfulness is a strategy for emotional resilience and greater self-regulation. It is an incredible tool for increasing wellbeing, reducing anxiety and boosting self-esteem.  

Group bookings, workshops, courses and more. 

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